Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Swing & Spin Swing -- Large Tree and Porch Swing

Swing & Spin Swing -- Large Tree and Porch Swing

  • Built to last 90cm diameter
  • High Quality UV resistant rope for years of use
  • Engineered support frame designed to take the abuse of multiple kids
  • Fun and relaxing for the whole family
  • Hang from a tree, swingset or in a playhouse

The Wide Ideas Large Swing can be attached to your existing swing set or hung from a tree. Swing like you would normally do or swirl around. Experience a new fun way to enjoy swinging. All 3 sizes of our handmade swings can hold 660lbs and hangs down 70. On each side the two ropes at the top are joined together by a steel ring making it easy for hanging them.

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